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New Opportunities for the New Year

Ready or not, 2010 is coming to a close and the world is preparing itself for a new year. Good or bad, as a society, we get to wipe the slate clean and give ourselves another chance at life. This magical time of closing one chapter and starting a new one has always been associated with a few things: parties, a New Year’s Kiss, resolutions and our favorite – shiny new calendars.

Calendars have become such an integral part of our lives; we don’t think anyone could truly live without one. While we stare at them every day, we found some fun information about the days of the week that probably not many of us know about.

Sunday – Sun for the Latin “Solis” – in old English “Sunnandaeg” Known as the Sun’s day.
Monday – Moon for the Latin “Lunae” – old English “Monandaeg” Known as the Moon’s day.
Tuesday – Mars for the Latin “Martis” – old English “Tiwesdaeg” Named for Mars – god of wars.
Wednesday – Mercury for the Latin “Mercurii” – old English “Wodnesdaeg” Named for Mercury – god of peace.
Thursday – Jupiter for the Latin “Jovis” – old English “Thunresdaeg” Named for Jupiter – god of thunder.  Friday – Venus for the Latin “Veneris” – old English “Frigedaeg” Named for Venus – goddess of love. Saturday – Saturn for the Latin “Saturni” – old English “Saeternesdaeg” Named for Saturn – god of planting and harvest. Known as Saturn’s day.

The variety and options that come with calendars are endless and this is why Short Run Printing loves them. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, full color, black and white…whatever you want and your budget will allow. The best part? With twelve full months of real estate, they will sit in front of your customers every single day. You can’t beat advertising that is daily part of your customer’s life!

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